About Dunia

“Not because it is fashionable does it suit all women. Every woman has her own unique character and style.”


These are the words of Dunia Anabtawi, an Iraqi/ Palestinian working mother with a long life dream of creating unique designs and adding something new to the world of fashion. In 2001, Anabtawi moved from Canada to Cairo where she started working in the fashion field by styling, wardrobing and designing for friends, clients and even celebrities. Later in 2014 she started her own brand called ‘byD’ where she imported all the raw materials and fabrics from Milan, Italy. 


‘ByD’ designs works on two aspects. One is to create new unique collections throughout the year that are sold at the atelier or shipped worldwide by orders.

The other is to create soiree and wedding dresses based on one-to-one meetings with Dunia personally and designing a great piece together.


“Quality, Design and Comfort are the basics of our creations at byD designs.”

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